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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) - "s'Gmiatli - Hideaway Apartments".

All objects which are in the vacation object may be used by the tenant. We ask for a considerate treatment of the furnishings and equipment of our vacation property. We ask and are very grateful if you wear slippers in the vacation property and take off street shoes - especially ski boots - in the entrance area. All furniture of the interior may not be brought or moved outside. Rearrangement of furniture is not allowed in any way. Settings on the heating or electronic devices in the vacation property may not be changed or reprogrammed without prior consultation with the landlord. Any necessary cleaning of the vacation object during your stay will not be replaced by the final cleaning included in the price. Everything you need for a usual cleaning is ready for you and should be used.

An initial supply of consumables such as toilet paper is available.
Smoking is not allowed in the entire building. For this purpose, please go to the terrace or garden area and use an ashtray. Completely cooled down cigarette remains will be disposed of in the residual waste. If there are burn marks or holes, the tenant will of course pay for the repair costs and report these damages.

During the agreed rental period, you assume responsibility for the rented vacation property. Always close all doors when leaving. We assume no liability in case of burglary or theft.
Supervise your children and please make sure that your "little ones" also comply with the house rules. We assume no liability for personal injury.
Quiet hours must be observed: 22:00 - 7:00 o'clock

Dishes, cutlery, pots and co. may only be returned to their storage places in a clean and dry condition. Hot items such as pots or pans should always be placed on tables and countertops with coasters only. Use a kitchen board as a base for cutting and chopping food. We ask that you leave the interior of the oven and microwave clean. Cleaning supplies are also available for the oven.

The seat cushions for chairs and garden loungers should be taken into the vacation property overnight and in rainy weather.

you can use the selected parking spaces in front of the Gmiatli. Two parking spaces are available per apartment. The landlord assumes no liability for the vehicle parked in the parking lot and its contents.

Internet WLAN
You can use the WLAN connection provided by us with your end devices free of charge. You will receive the valid WLAN code upon arrival. The tenant always uses the Internet at his own risk. The landlord assumes no liability for any activities of the tenant on the net. Please understand that we have to protect ourselves against misuse with a signature from your side.

In case something gets broken or damaged, please inform us about these damages immediately and not at your departure. We cannot accept defects found after your departure.
The tenant is liable for major damages to the equipment. All other small things, such as a broken glass or the like, we will take over. Please let us know that something has been broken.

Waste must be carefully separated For disposal, containers for residual waste, paper, glass and plastic packaging are available in the outdoor area.
Please never throw food scraps, garbage or hygiene items down toilets or other drains.
Your departure

Leave the vacation property in a tidy condition, this includes:

Greetings from your hosts
Eva-Maria and Felix Stark